Debuting the 2015 Maryland Baseball Draft Preview

Over the next two weeks, John Vittas and Jon Lewis will break down the Maryland Terrapins that are likely to get picked in the 2015 MLB First Year Player Draft. Here’s the draft schedule:

DraftMonday, June 8

Round 1 – Competitive Balance Round B – 7pm, MLB Network

Tuesday, June 9

Round 2-10 – 1pm,

Wednesday, June 10

Rounds 11-40 – Noon,

Each day a full profile of a draft-eligible Terp will be revealed, with LHP Alex Robinson’s profile set to come out on Tuesday, May 26. Each profile will include a 3-5 minute podcast with Lewis and Vittas discussing the prospect at hand.

“They are going to shatter the school record for draft picks in a season,” Vittas said. “You can’t say enough about what the coaching staff has done to prepare these guys for the next level.”

“The coaches have gone out on the recruiting trail and brought in these great arms and athletic players that we have the pleasure to talk about, who are probably going to make a professional team very happy very shortly,” said Lewis.

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