25 Days of Baseball: Day 11

Okay Terp fans, today is the final day of the player profile portion of the countdown. Tomorrow we will take a look at the top play of 2015 and then move into positional previews, and coaches interviews. We will however sprinkle in more player profiles throughout the regular season. In the meantime, we saved the best for last, enjoy!

Ryan Selmer burst onto the scene as a freshman last season, quickly becoming a dominant force in the middle of the Terps bullpen. He showed the ability to not only get out of jams, but go multiple innings when necessary, bridging the gap between the Maryland starter, and Alex Robinson and Kevin Mooney in the back end of the pen. In 31 appearances last season Selmer worked 53 2/3 innings, posting a 3-1 record and a 2.18 ERA.

Selmer is expected to maintain his middle innings role this season, although he could see a start every now and then, like he did a season ago when he started four games, including game two of the Charlottesville Super Regional.

Players on the team were kind enough to fill out a questionnaire, so here’s what Ryan had to say about baseball and beyond…

Graphic courtesy of Kate Correia
Graphic courtesy of Kate Correia

Favorite baseball memory: Winning the UCLA regional is definitely my best memory. Another great memory was growing up and being able to have my dad coach all of my little league teams and also him being the pitching coach of my high school team.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without God blessing me with a great dad. And mom!

Another good memory was hitting a grand slam in high school off of a 70 mph pitch. It was my first home run, and probably my last. Growing up and never having an announcer for your little league games, but then once in a blue moon when we did get one, they never could pronounce my name right. It’s “Sel-MER”, not “Sel-MAR”, or any other variations they came up with. It’s not even that hard to say!

What he chose Maryland: I’ve always wanted to attend Maryland. I’ve always lived right next to the school and have always wanted to play a sport for UMD. I followed Maryland basketball, football, and baseball while growing up. When I heard that they were interested in me playing for them it was like a dream come true, not only for me, but for my dad. My dad grew up around the College Park area and has always been a huge fan of UMD. He wanted to attend the school but was never able to. So for him to have a son be able to go is really exciting for him.

Favorite Maryland baseball memory: Definitely winning the UCLA regional is my favorite memory. You can’t really beat a moment like that. Probably my second most memorable moment was my first inning as a Terp. I think one of the most fun things was that not many people believed in our team. There were a lot of people saying that we couldn’t be a good team, and people tweeting about how overrated we were. I think one of the most memorable things was that we proved them wrong throughout the last two seasons, and we will again this year.

Goals for this season: Work as hard as I can to be the guy that the coaches will go to in a tight situation. I want to be consistent for my team, and be the best that I can be and help my team make it to Omaha and win a championship .

Favorite teammate: I can’t really pick out a favorite teammate, seeing that they are all my brothers. I will say that I’m good pals with Taylor Bloom and Tayler Stiles because we grew up playing baseball together in little league and high school. Bloom and I attended Riverdale together.

Walk-out song: I’m really leaning toward Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (Rocky 3 version), great song

Hobbies: You can ask some of my teammates about my magic tricks. They are pretty cool. Or you can come ask me, I’ll show you one. I go to church in Bowie, Md. I grew up going to that church, and many of my lifelong friends go there.  I also enjoy learning random things that other people don’t know. I’m trying to visit all of the MLB stadiums before I die. So far I am at 16.

Favorite place to eat around campus: If you ask my teammates, they will all say Chipotle. I walk into the locker room all the time with Chipotle. Definitely get a burrito bowl, with extra, extra, extra white rice, double chicken, mild and medium salsa, extra cheese, and a bag of chips. I get that pretty much all the time. I don’t even remember how many times I’ve been standing outside the Chipotle door at 10:59 A.M. waiting for them to open the door at 11 A.M. Or how many times I was the last customer. It’s just so good! The best is when you get a buy one get one free coupon. A lady gave me one once, and she told me I could bring a friend. Instead of bringing a friend, I just got two bowls. It was yummy! I also like Kiyoko, Panda Express, Blaze Pizza, and Chick-fil-A (milkshakes are great).

Favorite TV shows: I don’t care how old I get, I could watch Spongebob Squarepants all day long. It’s great for all ages. My favorite show is probably 24 (Jack Bauer is the man). I also like Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris. Great show. Currently I’m watching Criminal Minds and I am really enjoying it. The Office is also hilarious.

Favorite movie: I would like to put down Star Wars… I’m the biggest Star Wars fan on the team and probably on the face of the planet. Best movies ever!

Dream job besides playing baseball: I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. In a few years I am going to go get my private pilots license. I don’t know if that will ever become my job, but if it did then that would be awesome! I’ve always loved to fly and it’s been something that I’ve been wanting to do my whole life. I’ve also always wanted to be a baseball coach, and stay around the game I love. Also, something in law enforcement would be cool. FBI or something like that.

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