25 Days of Baseball: Day 12

Jamal Wade started his career at Maryland with a bang. Well three bangs to be exact. Wade’s first three hits as a Terp were all home runs. He finished the season with five home runs, one more than his brother LaMonte, to go along with three doubles and a triple in 35 appearances as a freshman.

Jamal’s big bat will be a valuable asset for the Terps again this season as he gives them the threat  of adding a run to the board every time he comes to the plate.

Graphic courtesy of Kate Correia
Graphic courtesy of Kate Correia

Players on the team were kind enough to fill out a questionnaire, so here’s what Jamal had to say about baseball and beyond…

Favorite baseball memory: Going to play at Cooperstown when I was twelve years old. Every little kid who grows up playing baseball should experience it as it is a great experience as you get to visit the MLB Hall of Fame, trade team pins with other teams from all over the country and you get to play everyday on great ball fields.

Why he chose Maryland: I chose Maryland because living in Maryland I was a Terps fan my whole life and thought it would be awesome to play in my home state and for a well respected team in the country on the rise to do many great things.  When I first stepped on campus I was amazed by the great facilities.

Favorite Maryland baseball memory: Winning Regionals at UCLA

Goals for this season: Work hard, be a good teammate and do whatever is asked of me to help the team win.

Favorite teammate:  It is impossible to narrow it down to just one as the team is filled with great guys.

What’s your walk up song: My walk up song last year was “Got Me Some More” by Wiz Khalifa but this year I am not really sure what it is going to be yet, but narrowed it down to a few choices.

Pump up playlist: Pretty much the whole playlist from the movie South Paw as that movie pumps me up so much.

Hobbies: Playing ping-pong

Favorite place to eat around campus: Blaze Pizza

Guilty pleasure TV show: Keeping up with the Kardashians

Dream job besides playing baseball: Coach or sports agent

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