Maryland takes crosstown slugfest with much needed win over UMBC

After a disappointing weekend which saw Maryland go 0-3 at the US Bank Stadium Cambria College Classic, Maryland sought to bounce back on Tuesday against the crosstown UMBC Retrievers, and bounce back they did as a six run eighth inning propelled the Terps to the 12-6 victory over UMBC.

Maryland’s Kyle McCoy earned the start and he would start off the game with a quick and dominant 1-2-3 inning in the top of the first as the New Jersey Freshman rebounded nicely from his heartbreaking missed save attempt against Vanderbilt on Saturday. With both teams scoreless after one, McCoy would yet again display the confidence that he showed in the first inning with his second 1-2-3 inning on the day. Although Maryland also failed to score in the second inning.

Maryland coach Rob Vaughn talked about how after the Vanderbilt game he is aiming to put McCoy in spots where he is best set up to succeed.

“We’re still trying to get Kyle in the right spot. Whether that’s extended out of the bullpen, whether that’s starting, we’re trying to kind of find that right spot for him.” Vaughn said.

McCoy would get himself into trouble in the third inning and UMBC would capitalize as Christian Eassley would get a one run RBI single to get the Retriever’s on the board first with a score of 1-0. McCoy was not able to limit the damage to one run and the Retrievers would score again before the end of the inning after McCoy attempted to pick the runner off at second but failed, allowing the Retrievers to go up up 2-0 heading into the bottom of the third.

The Terps would then start the inning off right with an Elijah Lambros single and Luke Shliger hit by pitch which then gave the Terps runners on second and third with no outs after a wild pitch. The Terps would get the bases loaded for their arguably best player Matt Shaw with no outs, but Shaw would hit a screaming liner that would allow UMBC to double off Shliger at second.

“That happens, that’s baseball.” Maryland shortstop Matt Shaw said when asked about the at bat, but Shaw also mentioned that he did not see the at bat as anything to worry about. “We had more opportunities, got more at bats, got more hits so it ended up being just fine.”

A Kevin Keister two run single followed up by Matt Woods and Eddie Hacopian one run RBI singles would soon make it 4-2 Maryland. UMBC’s pitcher Evan Selmer would then balk to get in yet another run for the Terps as they scored five runs with two outs on the inning with the entire order coming up to bat.

Kyle McCoy was back out to start the fourth and he would continue his dominant ways with yet another scoreless inning. UMBC would make their fourth pitching change in four innings, but this wouldn’t matter after an RBI double by Matt Shaw made it 6-2 to end the inning. Logan Ott came in to relieve Kyle McCoy in the fifth who had a huge confidence building day with four great innings with only two runs allowed.

Ott would pitch another 1-2-3 inning that was highlighted by a great Matt Woods catch in left field, but the Terps would fail to score for the first time in two innings. Ott got two quick outs in the sixth inning, but a subsequent single and blast by freshman slugger Leewood Molessa would cut the Maryland lead down to 6-4. Maryland’s offense went 1-2-3 in response to the Molessa home run, but Ott proceeded to throw yet another scoreless inning.

Logan Ott found himself in trouble in the top of the eigth as Leewood Molessa came up with runners on first and third with two outs, and Molessa made Ott pay with a two run double to tie the game up at six. Maryland sought to regain the lead in the bottom of the eighth inning, and they accomplished this goal after a Nick Lorusso RBI double and a Kevin Keister bases loaded walk that put the Terps up 8-6

It would be a Matt Woods three run RBI triple that would break the game open in dominant fashion to make it 11-6 Maryland. Eddie Hacopian would hit an RBI single to make it 12-6 as Logan Ott successfully gave Maryland the 12-6 win.

“It absolutely felt good.” Said graduate transfer Matt Woods, who finally had his “welcome to Maryland” moment. “We preach process, sticking to that process, sticking to that plan and it fell today where it hasn’t in the past and that’s how baseball is, there’s ebbs and flows and today happened to be an ebb.”

The Terps moved to 5-7 with the win as they head into their first home weekend series on the year against Maine.