25 Days of Baseball: Day 18

In his senior year at Shikellamy High School Nick Dunn batted .477, but that wasn’t the average that set the school record. In fact, Dunn batted a whopping .544 in 2013 to claim the Shikellamy batting crown. In addition to hitting .477 his last year, Dunn drove in 32 runs, including seven home runs, while not striking out a single time.

This summer, while playing for the Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts, Dunn led the team in hitting with a .321 average, also good for fifth in the entire Cal Ripken League. With Brandon Lowe being drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays, Dunn appears to be the favorite to start at second base for the Terps this season. While he’ll certainly have big shoes to fill, his game also carries many similarities to Lowe’s.


Players on the team were kind enough to fill out a questionnaire, so here’s what Nick had to say about baseball and beyond…

Favorite baseball memory: Breaking my high school’s batting average record.

Why he chose Maryland: I picked Maryland because of the coaching staff and the team’s recent success. When I first got here I was excited to start getting ready for the season.

Goals for this season: I want to contribute as much as possible and do everything I can to help the team make the College World Series.

Favorite teammate: I don’t really have a favorite teammate. I enjoy being around the whole team.

Hobbies: Playing video games and ice skating

Favorite place to eat around campus: Chipotle

Guilty pleasure TV show: Rocket Power on Nickelodeon

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