25 Days of Baseball: Day 20

As a freshman, Zach Jancarski made his biggest impact on the bases. He scored 9 runs in 16 pinch running appearances, including scoring in his first 3 games as a Terp. After being named to the Perfect Game USA All-Atlantic First Team in 2014, Jancarski tallied two hits and two runs in four starts.

This summer, he played for the Baltimore Redbirds in the Cal Ripken League, and batted .286, and had 14 stolen bases in 28 games.Jancarski

Players on the team were kind enough to fill out a questionnaire, so here’s what Zach had to say about baseball and beyond…

Favorite baseball memory: playing with my travel ball team through high school and during the recruiting process with some of the best teammates and guys I’ve ever met. I wish all of them success in their future and I look forward to staying in touch with them for many years to come.

Why he chose Maryland: I felt that I fit in the best with the way they play and the work ethic that goes into being a successful team on an everyday basis. I also really had a good relationship with the coaches and give them credit for being great recruiters through the whole process. I’m very happy with my decision.

Favorite Maryland baseball Memory: Enjoying all of the success we had as a team through my first year in the program. We had a special team last year, and it was fun to be a part of some really big games.

Goals for this season: To play as hard as I can every day I step between the lines, and help the team win games at any cost.

Favorite teammate: I can’t choose just one teammate to single out as my favorite because I have such good relationships with a lot of guys on the team. But I do always have have fun with Kevin Biondic and Brian Shaffer

Walk-up Song: “Minute” by Mike Stud.

Hobbies: Playing video games and hanging out with friends and teammates.

Favorite place to eat around campus: Chipotle no doubt.

Guilty pleasure TV shows: Big fan of the show Friday Night Lights, and I’ll dabble with Keeping Up with the Kardashians on a lazy Sunday or two.

Dream job (outside of playing baseball):  Serving my country as a Navy Seal

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