25 Days of Baseball: Day 22

As a freshman, Kevin Biondic worked tirelessly during the regular season to make the transition from third base to first base. But by the time games of the utmost importance were played, Biondic had made his way into the starting lineup. Eight of his 15 hits on the season came in the team’s ten postseason games; he started them all. This season he figures to be the every-day first baseman, and now that his defense is up to the standards of Coach Szefc, his regular at bats should allow his offensive production to really grow.

Biondic Graphic
Graphic courtesy of Kate Correia


Players on the team were kind enough to fill out a questionnaire, so here’s what Kevin had to say about baseball and beyond…

Favorite baseball memory: Hitting the cycle when I was probably 8. My dad was coaching third base and he gave me the stop sign and I ran right through it because I needed the homer.


Why he chose Maryland: I choose Maryland becaus I wanted to play at the best level. I was actually on my way to Bowling Green to play hockey until I chose Maryland.


Favorite Maryland Baseball Memory: Definitely winning that regional. I thought it was awesome because no one cared about the stats we just wanted to beat the number one team in the country.


Goals for this season: I really want this team to go to Omaha. That’s the goal and we all know we can make it. Also everyone wants to have a great year, but I just want to do my job to win ball games.


Favorite teammate: A lot of good guys on this team I couldn’t even come close to narrowing it down. But definitely have to give Jancarski a shout out for rooming with on the road and watching Blackhawks playoff hockey with me.


Walk-up song: Not sure what my walk up song is yet this year but Many Men by 50 cent last year was a great walk up.


Favorite hobby: Playing and watching hockey.


Favorite meal around campus: I might have to go with the crunch burger from Bobby’s Burgers.


Guilty pleasure TV show & movie: Family Guy and Dazed and Confused.


Dream job (besides playing baseball): I really want to become Chicago police officer and work swat. It’s been my dream job since I was a kid.

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